Sunday, April 17, 2011

Striped T-shirt skirt Part 1

Rebekah did the neatest little project the other day that we got from a website. Here is a link to this craft; It only took us about 4 hours and it turned out pretty cool. Here are the instructions on how we did it. First we cut 7" bands of t-shirt. To get the t-shirts, we just went to the thrift store for bag sale and got tons for $5.00! So, we cut strips of all the colours we wanted in the skirt. Becky wanted to make it 4 stripes long.
So here is her colour scheme. Light blue, white and black. We cut all the bottom hems off the the bands, except for the strip we were placing on the bottom of the skirt. That way the skirt was already hemmed.

Before we started sewing them together. We measured Becky's widest spot and sewed side seams on all the bands to be that width.

Please see Part 2 for the rest.

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