Saturday, June 25, 2011

One of Life's Hard Lessons

Today, unfortunately, we had to go through one of the hard lessons in life. We had to put our cute little Jack down. We were gone all day yesterday and when we finally got home, Jack came over to us really whimpering and we knew something back had happened. We thought he might have been hit by a car. We let him sleep on a pillow, because it was late. We hoped that he would be better in the morning, but unfortunately he wasn't. He was in lot's of pain.
Jack was so sweet. When I went to the pumpkin patch to work, there would be Jack just laying on the edge of the patch watching me. Or when we all went for walks on our property, Jack would come bounding along with us. If he had to run to catch us, his back legs went out to the sides like they were doing the breaststroke while he ran. It cracked me up every time. I will miss him and the rest of my family will miss him and our dog Sandi misses him. He was a good dog.