Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Date Night

Larry and I were so blessed this past weekend to actually have a date night.  I won tickets to a Christian Country concert and supper at a local bar.  I know, a Christian country group playing at a bar, but they are on main stream country radio and the local station put on the contest.  Their name is High Valley and their goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus through their music.  Larry and I were happy there was free coffee as we decided years ago not to have any alcohol.  (Just the right decision for us)

The kids and I really enjoy country music and I appreciate High Valley for their clean music with a great message.
Here are a few of their videos;


After they fed us and we enjoyed the concert, we were able to meet the 2 main brothers in the band.  It was lots of fun.

Here are some pictures of our night;

Curtis and Brad Rempel, AKA High Valley

Larry and I.