Friday, September 23, 2016


July was actually a fairly quiet month for us.  All of our company left after the first week and we worked at VBS at our church for a week.  Jacob also attended soccer camp for a week in the evenings.  I really liked that camp because they served a delicious supper to all the families every night! Bonus, no cooking.

We did get a chance to pick some sour cherries at a local farm. It was 50/50 picking. Which means the farm keeps have of what we pick and we keep the other half for free. We managed to pick 6 ice cream buckets in about an hour.

Rebekah and Ben picking.

I canned 16 pints of cherry pie filling. Larry loves his cherry cheesecake!

Larry and Jacob worked on a small project one day too.  They built a little front deck on the house.

I didn't get a picture of the finished project, but it turned out really great.

July wasn't the funnest time for the kids and I. Our house ended up getting very invaded by bats while Larry was out of town for 5 days.  We knew we had lots of bats in the attic and they could make their way into the house and we were trying to fix the problem. But it seemed we actually made it worse.  We ended up running out of the house in our pajamas at 5:30 am and slept in a hotel until Larry made it home.  We think we have all their entry points sealed now.  They have migrated for the winter. But, we will see next May when they return to have their babies in our attic if they can get back in.  I have a feeling they will find a way, but hopefully not.

So, that was our July. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Time to Catch Up

The last several months seem like a whirlwind.  We have been enjoying life and all it's wonderful business.

This post, I think I'll go ALL the way back to June.  In June we had the great fortune to go on a family vacation to Vancouver Island for my niece's wedding.  It was so wonderful to get back on the island. I grew up there and have not been back for 12 years.

Exploring the amazing beach in Parksville

Jacob spent a lot of time with the sea lions in Victoria

Rebekah's selfie on BC Ferries
We had such a great time there. But we still had fun waiting for us at home.  We were only home a few days until Larry's parents came for their annual visit and Rebekah and I were geared up for the local stampede.

Larry's parents and the kids

Rebekah and the Zebra that was part of the half time show at the stampede this year.
There you go. I'll be able to post about July next time.