Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Last Week and a Half

Oh, how time flys in the summer. Our summers are so short here in Alberta, so we really purpose to enjoy them.  We have been busy in the garden and with all our various activities. Here is an update of our past week and a half.

Jemima and Polly are growing, but you can see that Polly is so much smaller. She really is so cute.

We have been enjoying garage sales and God have been blessing us with some amazing deals.  In the last couple of weeks I have bought; 42 dozen unused snap lids for $5, a bike for Jacob for $12, a huge tomato plant for $1 and this skirt Rebekah is wearing in the picture for $0.50.

Soccer is winding down for the year this week (yay!). I had to be a fill in coach for Jacob's soccer tournament yesterday. I had so much fun with all those U6's.

This is a picture Larry took of Ben during soccer practice. Pretty cool shot.

We ran into a friend at the garbage dump a while back and he was throwing away the cabinet in the picture below. Larry had the brilliant idea to put it in the barn for additional laying spots for the chickens and it is working great.

We have decided as a family to attend the church service our church does once a month at the elderly care home where we serve on other occasions in town and today was our first time going.  We kind of just wanted to see the way it goes and be of service and now next time we know exactly what we can do to be of more help.  The kids can pass out and collect the song books, we can put out chairs, we can greet the people and just really try to be a blessing with God's help to all the elderly occupants there. 
This picture is of our Pastor and his wife leading the singing. Only them and the musicians were there from our church and I am so excited to be a part of it.

This morning was also a very sad morning for me. Our Little Joe left for Vernon, BC in a horse trailer. We had him for sale in Alberta, but a lady from Vernon called and said she really wanted Little Joe and would have a person pick him up in about a week. She has lots of jennies for him to breed and she has goats and sheep, which donkeys also like. I think he will have a great home, but we have had him since he was born here on our farm 3 years ago and I will truly miss him. 

On a happier note, we had fun honouring Larry today for Fathers' Day.  The kids all got him something; Jacob gave him a John Deere golf shirt, Ben gave him bridge mix and Rebekah made him chokecherry jelly and a card and also gave him some slowpokes. I gave him some cologne, t-shirts and socks.

Well, there you have it. I had so much I wanted to chronicle on here, but I hope to get around to it in the near future.
God bless.


  1. I LOVE garage sales, unfortunately here where we live now, they just don't have a lot of good ones. Great finds! Love the cabinet for the chickens.

  2. Question about your curriculum... where do you get 49 character qualities? I would love something like this for my daughter!

    1. Hi Shannon
      I found these character qualities from the Duggars and they got them from Bill Gothard (who I really do not endorse), BUT it is just a list of biblical character qualities with bible verses. You really can't go wrong with that. We were doing each one for a month, learning 2 applicable memory verses and reading examples in the bible, but now we do 2 a month. As we go, they write the memory verses in a little notebook with the character quality as a title. It will take a few years to go through, but we never stop studying the bible, so I think it's great. You can find the chart at this link -

    2. I've heard the duggars talk about this, and wondered if it was the same thing. Thanks so much for the link. I can't wait to try it!