Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Announcing... Jennie's New Baby Girl, Polly!

I can't believe Jennie has had her baby so close to Molly. On Monday night, Rebekah and I were doing yet another chore, bringing in the new bags of chicken feed and feeding the chickens, when Rebekah calmly said, "There is a baby".  Right next to where I was, Jennie was giving birth! We hadn't even noticed and we had been in the barn walking back and forth past that stall for about 10 mins. I am so happy Rebekah saw them because she was still giving birth at that point. So here are some pictures of Polly making her entrance into our barn yard.

This is a video of the very last part of the birth. It had taken about half an hour altogether. And we did not know that donkeys give birth laying down. We have always found our baby donkeys just after they were born. So this was such a treat to see.

This is Polly the next day. The reason she is laying down like that is, Rebekah was in their stall scratching and petting Polly and I guess Polly just layed down and was completely enjoying herself. Rebekah layed with her for a while too. I am so happy Jennie is letting us near her baby. She has been so shy since we got her 3 years ago.

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