Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun

Becky pulling the candy. Ben and Jacob in their costumes.

We had a fun Halloween this year. Larry took the boys to town to go trick-or-treating and Rebekah and I stayed home for our own fun.

I couldn't believe how much candy the boys got! It's nice, because they are very kind to share with the rest of us.

Rebekah and I had a "Little House on the Prairie" night. We tried to make old fashioned treats, we dressed up old fashioned and then we watched a scary Little House on the Prairie episode.

We tried making Molasses Pulled Candy. It was so fun! We cooked it, then when it cooled a little, we pulled and folded and pulled and folded. Until we couldn't anymore. Then we put it on a platter and scored it for breaking later. It all worked great, but unfortunately, I burnt the candy somehow and it tasted yucky.
Then we make old fashioned popcorn balls. This recipe calls for kettle popped pop corn, which we did. Then the sugar coating to be cooked to hard ball stage and mixed with the pop corn and formed into balls. Now, these were good, but they nearly broke my teeth! Oh well, it was fun.

The boys came home at this point and we had a fire to roast wieners for supper. When everyone was off to bed, Rebekah and I watched the episode of Little House on the Prairie where Laura thinks Mr. Olsen cut off Mrs. Olsen's head. I've never let Becky watch the whole thing before, but I did that night and she laughed at how corny it was, but again, it was fun.