Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Burlap Bunting

There is something about burlap that seems so right. Especially during Fall.  I made some Fall burlap banners to sell at the market and wanted to share with you my process.

I just bought 2 small packages of burlap from the dollar store. Each $1.25 package made 2 banners. I also liked that this particular burlap is kind of stiff. So it works well for this project.

I used my straight edge and rotary cutter to cut the triangles.  I figured out from the angled lines and measurements on my straight edge how to get the size of triangle that I wanted.  It would be too hard for me to explain though. So just fool around until you think you have it.

Before I cut the triangles, I cut the burlap into strips. Then I cut the triangles from the strips.

Once I had the triangles cut, I painted the edges very thinly with glue to help them not to unravel.

For the letter stencils, I used Word and found a font I liked.  I made it bold and put the size at about 180. Then I printed it on card stock and then cut the letters out.  Using an exacto blade would have probably been easier, but I couldn't find mine. So, I poked a whole through the letter using a steak knife, then I got my scissors in that and cut out the letter.

I also printed a picture that would go in between the words. For the "Happy Fall" banner, I used a crow and for the "Give Thanks" banner, I used a maple leaf.

To stencil, I used those foamy paint brushes, because my hubby just bought a big bag of them, so I thought I'd try it. They worked really well.

For the letters like "p" and "a", remember to tape the center piece in place on the burlap, so that it has the whole where it should be.

Once all the triangles were stenciled, I glued them on a strand of twine using contact cement for glue.

I was using the paint bottles to hold the twine straight while the glue was drying. It wants to curl up.  I glued the triangles right on top of the twine and spaced them apart a bit.  I also left about 10 inches on either end and tied a loop on each end for hanging.

I just love how they turned out!

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