Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No More Piles of Clean Clothes

I just have to share with you all a breakthrough I have had a few days ago.  It has to do with laundry.  I have had a huge problem with laundry for years now. And it's not with doing it that's the problem, it's with putting all the clean clothes away! I clean and clean and the pile of clean clothes just keeps growing and growing.  We just haven't had space in our last couple of houses for dressers and the clothes in dressers just seem to get all crinkled with little hands pushing everything around to find what they need. Plus, nobody really can see all the clothes in the drawers anyway.
So, on to my ah ha moment.  The other day I was folding more clean clothes and putting them on the table next to the washer, thinking I should bring these up stairs and hang them in the boys closet.  THEN I thought, why not just put them on the hangers right out of the dryer, then just bring them upstairs to hang in the closet.  That way I'm leaving out the step where I fold them, put them in piles and leave them in the basement. Plus, they don't get crinkled at all, as they are hung up right away.  So, in the boys closet (the nicest one in the house) there was a rod up high and we added another one down lower for Jacob. I hang the clothes in order of pants, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweaters.  Please just look at the beautiful picture below of clothes in their place, all nice and tidy.

And in the picture below is the other side of the boys' closet.  We have a book shelf with bins on it for their toys. (Which they never play with and we will probably get rid of them all anyway). But it is neat for now. Look at the nice big, old window in there and they have a light in there too! Can you tell I really like their closet.

So, the boys have one tall dresser for their underwear, socks and pajamas.  Rebekah's clothes are hung up too in a kind of built in wardrobe in her room with baskets on the bottom of it for her under things.  Which is nice, because she has one of the smallest bedrooms in our house and there would not be room for any type of dresser in there and the boys have more room to play in their bedroom without a dresser.
Well, I hope this helped someone out there. Although, it could just be me that has this problem. In that case, please be happy for me that I FINALLY found an answer to my ever present problem.

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  1. Yay! I love break-throughs! Looks great. We don't do dressers either; all of our clothes are hung. Guess we're both smart :-D

  2. Crystal, you are so clever and boy does the closet look good. I'm sure the boys love it and how easy it must be for them to find their cloths.

  3. Wonderful idea to hang them up right out of the dryer. I may need to find a way to do that, too. Stopping by from growin home. Blessings from Croatia: Rosilind from A Little R & R: www.littlerandr.org

  4. Hi Rosilind
    Thanks for visiting all the way from Croatia!
    God bless.