Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few More Things to Move - Our Apple Trees

When we sold our farm to move to this new acreage, part of our agreement was, we would be back for our apple trees. I planted our orchard 5 and 4 years ago.  We started with 150 trees, but thanks to 2 of the most coldest winters right after planting we lost most of them.  I think there were about 42 trees left and we took 35 of them. We hired a tree moving service. They dug up the trees with a big root ball. Then they wrapped the root ball in burlap and a big wire basket. Then they loaded the trees onto a trailer Larry was able to borrow from a friend.  At our new place, they dug the holes and planted the trees.  Each tree was packed down and the dirt was put all back in around the root ball.  I had been saving all of our egg money and any other money I made off of the farm or selling things on the interent to pay for the move.  It ended up costing $40/tree to have them moved.  That is very reasonable considering they do all the work and the trees are now about 8 years old.
Here is Larry coming home with all of our trees.

This is the crew working. They had 2 bobcats, one for digging and one for planting.

Luckily the weather got warm again after the trees were all in, because we still had to go back to our old place and fill in the holes.  We have huge piles of dirt on our new property which we shoveled into the back of our pickup and then shoveled it out into the holes.  Larry did 21 holes all by himself. Then Rebekah and I did 9 and then Larry and Rebekah finished the last 5.

I am so happy to have this task done!  Hopefully these trees will bear fruit next summer and we will be blessed with apples a plenty.

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