Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Concert You Won't Want to Miss

This last week, we have had the pleasure of visiting with one of our favorite music groups, The Sky's.  They are a homeschooling family that put together a band and travel all across the States and Canada every year and have a bible college in PEI where they are from.  They play lively fiddle music and dance, but that is not the best part of their concert.  They have a message that is so inspiring to hear.  They really challenge us to put God first in our lives because we love Him and want to rest in His love for us. They LOVE the Lord and they are just the sweetest people.  Please check out their tour schedule at to see if they are coming near you.  And if they are going to be in your area, you can have your church request that they have a concert at your church. They will do the concert for free and just take a love offering.
This is Jacob with Miriam from The Sky's

Here are most of the group having supper.

It was such a blessing to hear of how God really looks after this group of people and helps them to go from town to town, spreading the gospel to so many people. They have witnessed miracle after miracle of God's great power on their journeys.

If you can, I hope you all can make it to one of their concerts one day and if you do, please say hi to them from Larry and Crystal in Alnerta!

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