Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Knitting With The Girls

For the last 3 weeks, on Tuesdays nights, we have been getting together with some homeschool girls to learn to knit slippers.  I used to knit these when I was a teenager and was going to teach Rebekah. Then, I thought, why not invite the homeschool girls to join us. We have had lots of fun and the girls are all doing a great job!
Here are some of them hard at work.

And everyone else.
These are the slippers we are knitting. They are so EASY!

And next week, we will learn how to crochet these  awesome flowers to attach to our slippers and anything else we want ot put them on. I sewed a clasp pin on the back of the one below and attached it to my new cardigan sweater.
I will post the pattern for these soon.

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