Monday, November 19, 2012

Thrifting Fun

Today we experienced a big blessing.  Well, it started as a problem at first. Larry had to get to a dentist because he had a huge toothache. He was able to get an appointment with one in our nearest big city, 40 mins away. We all decided to go so that the kids and I could look in Value Villiage while he was getting worked on.  I stopped shopping at Value Villiage because I found it overpriced, but there are a few things I am looking for that I would pay more money for if I found them. So, off we went.  This is where the blessing kicks in. When we arrived at the store, we saw big signs that said, 50% off Nov. 19th.  Wow! That made things a lot more affordable and Value Villiage actually has very good quality clothing.  Our 3 thrift stores in our town are really lacking in the good quality department.  Well, we shopped until Larry phoned to say he was done and we picked him up. Then I asked him if he had to get to work right away and he said not right away, so I asked if we could go back to Value Villiage to look around some more and he said we could. Yay!  So just take a look at what we scored....
A jacket with a tie up belt.

2 pretty shirts.

Another jacket with a tie up belt and a cardigan.

An old fashioned dress, that I hope I'll wear (I've been craving old fashioned clothing for some time now) and a really dressy shirt.

A very warm winter coat.
A queen size, very warm quilt.
So here is a list of what we were able to find;

3 pretty shirts
2 blouses
1 skirt
1 dress
2 cardigan sweaters
1 pair of pants
1 winter coat
2 cute jackets
2 skirts for Rebekah
1 shirt for Rebekah
2 pair of pants for Ben
1 leather jacket for Ben
1 shirt for Ben
1 jacket for Jacob
1 pair of winter boots for Jacob
1 pair of ski goggles
3 towels for Larry's semi
2 quilts
2 balls of yarn

all for $111!

What a blessing!

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