Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter Projects

I love the slow part of winter. No gardens to be weeded, no summer activities we like to cram in while the weather is nice.  Just the right time to do extra projects.

I have been working on a few. Maybe too many at one time, but here are some that I have completed (or mostly completed).

I just have a couple more stitches and a little back stitching left to do on this cross-stitch.

I taught myself some new crochet stitches to whip up these baby booties.  Once you get the hang of it, they only take about 45 minutes to finish.  You can find the pattern here.

In the summer I delay some projects for winter. Like Salsa and Jalapeno Peach Jelly.  I freeze whole tomatoes and freezer bags of pre-measured diced zucchini for salsa.  I actually made a batch just before Christmas.

And I froze all the peach peels and some pits from when I canned 25 lbs of peaches.   So I boiled them up to make juice, which I explained in this post.  I made 18 1/2 pints of Jalapeno Peach Jelly. This time I added some vinegar to it for a little tang.

I will sell most of these at Farmers' Markets this year, but my kids love it so I will keep a few jars for them.

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  1. Good for you Crystal. It always feels so good to accomplish something especially on the days that not much is going on. The Jalapeno Peach jelly looks really good..the booties are adorable and love the cross stitch.

  2. Oh I love the booties,I kinda have a thing for them! I knit baby booties all the time and I love the cross stitch your doing also! Anything with Mason Jars is also kinda my thing! I would love for you to link up at my Monday of Many Blessings Link Up!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely link up on your blog.

  3. My you have been busy, Crystal! Your cross stitch is adorable as are the baby booties--SO cute. My father did loads of canning and freezing when we were growing up, but it was not a bug I ever caught, sorry to say. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures with us at Vintage Charm.