Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Rebekah!!!

So, my Rebekah turned 12 yesterday. We had kind of a strange celebration. Only because it was over a 3 day period. First on Wednesday, I took Rebekah to the mall to shop, have lunch and get her ears pierced. She has been waiting for about 2 years since I told her I would like her to wait until she turned 12 to get her ears pierced. We had to go on Wednesday because we thought Larry might not be home on the weekend to stay with the boys.

Here she is getting her ear pierced.I think you can see the little blue gemstone stud in her ear.

Then Thursday morning we found out Larry had to leave for a few days for work, so he and the boys gave Rebekah their presents.

Larry found her the awesome Daniel Boone hat somewhere in the States. He also gave her a key chain and Ben gave her a new game.

Skip ahead to her actual birthday on Sunday. Although it was cold, snowy, windy and overall miserable outside and I was feeling very sick, I was able to make her the supper she wanted. Which was, barbecued hamburgers, with fried mushrooms, and chips. I wouldn't have put this picture in, but I thought it looks pretty funny. All that fattening food and we always want diet pop.

Here is my girl with her birthday cake (which was the spongecake I had posted the recipe before). And Larry made it home about a half an hour before we were to have the cake!
I think Rebekah enjoyed her birthday. She was very pleased with all the phone calls from our family and she enjoyed the cards and gifts in the mail from her grandparents.


  1. Wow, love your earrings Becky. It almost looked like you were really enjoying getting your ears pierced. I sure can see the sparkle especially in your right ear when you are sitting in front of your cake. I know your Mom a special few days of birthday celebrations for you. You lucky girl you.

    1. Hi Grandma, I was actually really scared to get my ears pierced, but I am happy I did it. (Rebekah)