Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Recap

May is gone already!  Here is a summary of what's happened around here this month.

May was exciting for Jacob. He got his cast off, soccer started and he learned how to his bike. Larry was out showing him how and he just took off! I love the video, because you can hear Rebekah playing, "Early One Morning" on her violin in the background.

We had to move our chicken coop to the end of the barn. We have a fox watching our chickens and there still might be a weasel around. So, we thought if the rascals had to go through the barn, past the donkeys to get at the chickens, it might deter them.

This is how it was set up.  The chickens were very vulnerable to critters coming right into their coop and the donkeys wouldn't be able to help.

Larry used the pickup to turn the coop. Then he pushed it right up to the open doors on the barn. Now we have to go through the barn to get the eggs.

Spring finally arrived in May. So, everyone has been outside getting work done.  Our land is VERY rocky and it seems Jacob found a big one!

They were busy working and mowing that day.  It was a very dirty job, just look at their faces!

Rebekah and I were so blessed to go to the Paul Brandt, "Just As I Am", concert a few weeks ago.  It was so great!  Rebekah thought his semi was pretty cool, so we snapped a pic with her by it.
This is Paul Brandt. He is a country singer and has just released a country gospel CD.  He is a strong Christian and has always sung wholesome songs and is not ashamed of his faith.

Rebekah and I got to the city early so we could do some shopping and eat. Rebekah got so many nice new clothes.

I was able to enjoy another amazing concert.  It was Rebekah and Jacob's year end violin concert.  I love to see how far they've come in just 7 months of playing violin.

Well, that's it for now. A few more things did happen in May, but I will cover them in a different post.
God bless.


  1. May was a fun month! The best part was the Paul Brandt concert if I do say so myself.
    God bless,

  2. Wow, were you guys ever busy! So much to do on a farm. My first day today, and we rescued and herded about 32 geese that escaped into the neighbors field, back home and mended the fence. Found a bunny that had escaped from the petting zoo and put him back, but I think he is gone again. Alan went to the highway, to retrieve a peacock. We still have to herd the ewes back into the baddock with Brian the minature palimino. Oh yah, had a few customers come and buy soap and stuff from the store and take photos and walk to the lavender fields. And I know there was more going on. Oh yah, and people from Sidney, dropped off 2 muscovy ducks because they are moving to a condo and can't take them with them. Oh yah, I'm cleaning my bathroom and spare bedroom. Never a dull moment. Although nothing was as exciting as Jacob learning how to ride his bike and hearing Becky playing her violin in the background and seeing Ben just speeding by, like lightning.

  3. I should say my first day of Victoria Lavender farm. Alan says I'm a natural at herding baby sheep and pregnant ewes. We had to take Brian the minature palimino out of the paddock because he started to pick on the lambs and ewes and being really mean.

    1. Wow Mom! You need to start a blog now so we can see everything you're up to at your farm.
      It sounds exciting!
      Talk to you soon.