Saturday, November 9, 2013

How I Save Money In The ... Kitchen

I just wanted to share a few simple ways that I save money in the kitchen.

  1. Reuse Ziploc bags.  I saw my dad's girlfriend wash out a Ziploc bag about 5 years ago and I thought she was completely bonkers! Sorry Leslie!  But, now I see what a great idea that actually is.  The freezer bags are so sturdy that they can be reused a number of times.  When I had meat in them, I wash them out with dish soap and very hot water. Scrubbing it nice and clean. Then I put it over top of something, like a bottle of pop, until it is dry completely.  I always make sure these bags are labeled, "meat" with a sharpie.  If I just had veggies or something, I wash it out and dry the same, but I don't label those ones.
  2. Use containers or alternate coverings instead of plastic wrap.  When we have left overs, I either put them in a storage container in the fridge, or I cover it with those kind of shower cap things you can get at the dollar store.  They come in packages of 10 and I wash them after each use to use again.  We haven't had to buy plastic wrap in years.
  3. I have already done 2 posts on how I really don't use any tin foil as well.  Instead of covering casseroles with tin foil in the oven, I put a metal baking sheet on top and I cook my baked potatoes in a covered casserole dish together, instead of individually wrapped in tin foil.
  4. Use an oil pump sprayer or spritzer instead of Pam.  My mom bought me one of these about 20 years ago and I have gone through a few since then. (Luckily, I found them on clearance for $0.44 each!)  I always use this to spray my bread pans or anything else that needs a little oil. They work by pumping the top that puts air in the canister. Then it sprays out just like Pam. They look like this one from Pampered Chef;

So there are just a few ways I save money in the kitchen. 

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