Monday, May 5, 2014

Gardening in Alberta

This is our second year living on this acreage.  There was not a garden spot when we moved in and we didn't own a rotor-tiller until this past fall.  But that all changed this weekend. My husband braved the freezing temperatures and blowing winds to till up a garden spot. I asked him to pick the location so that it wouldn't be in his way and he picked a wonderful spot.  He tilled it up yesterday, then today him and Jacob worked for hours in their snowsuits spreading donkey manure on the whole garden. Then Larry tilled it again.  Just at the moment they were done and came in the house, it started snowing! 

This is Jacob and Larry in the morning spreading manure on the garden.

This is soon after the snow started. We got much more than this.

I am so happy and can't wait to get out there.


  1. Great job Larry and Jacob. It looks like a great spot and should get lot's of sun. I'm sure you are anxious to start planting

    1. You bet I'm excited to start planting. I think I'm actually losing sleep over it.