Saturday, June 14, 2014

More Family Vacation - Virginia & Nevada City

As I was laying in bed last night, I realized I hadn't included pictures of the last part of our trip to Virginia City and Nevada City Montana.  Nevada City is more of a ghost town than Virginia City. It was fun looking around the old buildings and panning for gold.

Here are some pictures.

Jacob and Ben looking around inside an old building.

An old general store.

Panning for gold and gem stones.

The expert looking at one of Ben's gem stones.

An old gold mine entrance.

This is the oldest school house in Montana. It was my favorite building.

The other half of the school house. You can see part of the teacherage through the doorway.

On a Trim Healthy Mama note, I was able to do some shopping while down south of the border for THM things.  I bought lots of Dreamfields pasta from Walmart for $1.78 a box.  In Canada we pay $3.49/box and we have to order it.  I also bought 10 packages of low carb tortillas for $2.60/pkg.  I would have to order them up here for $4.60/pkg.  Totally awesome!

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