Saturday, September 6, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Update Pictures

This is not exactly an official before and after post of my weight loss on Trim Healthy Mama, but I think you can tell the difference between these pictures and I'm kind of excited.

This first one is from last September. It is of me and my brother Graham.  I'm afraid to say, I even gained more weight after this before I started on Trim Healthy Mama.

This one is from my last post of me and Graham taken Sept. 1 2014 in front of the same window.  I am 4 pounds from my goal weight and down about 40 lbs from the other picture.

I didn't start on THM until November 21, 2013 and I am down 46 lbs!  I'm not really sure if I will stop in 4 lbs, because I want to make sure this size of clothing is comfortable. So, I may try losing a couple more, but we'll see.  The only thing I'd like to say about THM right now is how easy it seemed to be.  On Weight Watchers the weight came off OK, but for some reason I find this way makes more sense or something. But, I think to true test will come after I get to my goal and to see if I can stay at the same weight.