Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines Day

Somehow this year our family got a little caught up in the hype of Valentines Day. We usually don't celebrate it. Other than Rebekah says I used to always make heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I think because our church had a big Valentines Day family breakfast and were offering babysitting that night, it caused us to do more than we might have otherwise.

I had found some waffle pretzels on clearance and still had a white chocolate Easter bunny in the freezer. So we made dipped pretzels with sprinkles.

We used our electric fondue pot to melt the chocolate in.

These were so good! Unfortunately, only Rebekah and I liked them and ate most of them. Totally not THM!

I thought you'd like to see my deal from the thrift store. I love this covered dish.

Lunch for the kids. Heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and candy hearts.
After supper, Larry and I dropped the boys off at the church, (because that was where Rebekah was helping with the babysitting) and we went out for coffee.
And when we got home, Larry had a surprise for me. A beautiful new ring.

It was fun, but I don't mind if we get back to normal next year.


  1. What a wonderful Valentines and so nice of Larry to buy you a new ring. Happy Valentines, Crystal