Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Canning Goal

I'm sorry to bore you all with my canning goal list for this year, but I'm afraid I'm a little disorganized when it comes to record keeping and at least now I can look back to stay on track.

I must say, this last few months we have almost completely depleted all of our home canned goods. We are down to just a couple of jars of strawberry jam, chokecherry jelly, zucchini salsa and pizza sauce. Oh, and 1 jar of mixed veggies (pure gold!).

This is what I hope to put up this year;

60 pints mixed veggies - onions, celery, carrots and green beans
30 pints apple sauce
28 quarts apple juice
12 pints & 12 1/2 pints strawberry jam
20 pints & 12 1/2 pints crab apple chokecherry jelly
6 pints & 12 1/2 pints chokecherry jelly
12 pints THM bumbleberry jam
42 pints dill pickle beets
21 pints zucchini salsa
35 pints stewed tomatoes (with zucchini)
14 quarts rhubarb pie filling
14 quarts sliced potatoes
21 pints pickled green beans
21 quarts dill pickles - (if I can grow cucumbers, which I have never been able to)
21 pints peaches

Now, I have to plan our garden accordingly. It's still covered in snow, so I have a couple of weeks before I need a hard fast plan. 

I have started the tomato, pepper and sweet potato plants and have the rest of the seeds at the ready. Although, I am waiting for my celery seed to come in the mail. It's hard to find here, because apparently, you can't grow celery here. But last year I grew beautiful celery, so I hope I can do the same this year.

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