Sunday, June 27, 2010

Message Board completed!

I finished one of my message boards already and I know I have a busy day tomorrow, so I will show you now.

I used a cookie sheet and scrap booking paper. I used the embellishments and clothes pins as magnets. I painted the cookie sheet brown first. Then rubbed wax on the areas I wanted to sand later. Then I painted it ivory. When that paint was dry, I rubbed the edges to give it a worn look. I cut the paper to fit. And because I don't have one of those handy corner cutters, I used the plastic scrapers that come with all Pampered Chef stoneware. I used the corner that fit in the corners of the cookie sheet as a guide to cut the paper corners. I glued it down with spray adhesive. Then I glued the ribbon on and tied ribbon at the top to hang.
The other one I make will be the same colour scheme, but different patterns.


  1. I really like the looks of this. I'm still trying to find some in garage sales for you. Good job!

  2. love it! you did at fantastic job crystal, I think i want to make one too.