Friday, July 2, 2010

Wild Daisies

We have just come back from the Ponoka Stampede Parade. It's really fun and the kids, of course, love the candy.
I did great at the Farmer's Market this week. I sold the message board I made plus all my bread, eggs, cookies, rhubarb pies and lot's of preserves.
I am taking a moment before I go outside to set up for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning at 6am I will be butchering my roosters! I am trying to be excited, but it's so hard. I have been looking at pictures on the Internet again to try to desensitize myself. It actually worked a little. I will post pictures when we are done.

Larry and Ben came home the other day with these beautiful wild "daisy's" the other day. What a wonderful surprise! My husband doesn't think of things like that very often. But it makes me REALLY appreciate it when he does. These are my new favorite flower.


  1. Love the flowers. How thoughtful of Larry.

  2. How beautiful and that was so sweet of Larry. Is he feeling ok.....ha ha