Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swimmin' Hole

After being stuck inside for 2 whole days of non stop down pours, the sun finally came out. My boys saw a chance to have some fun outside for a change. The rain had made huge puddles around our farm. So, Ben and Jacob put on their swimsuits and out they went to go swimming! They were splashing and running and having such a great time. My favorite part was the looks on the peoples' faces as they drove by. A couple on quads went by and the wife was saying, "Look, look!". Then my boys said "Hi" and the couple said "Hi" back. It was quite hilarious.


  1. That's great & they are having so much fun. It looks so green there. Did Rebekah go for a swim?

  2. No, Becky missed out on all that fun.

  3. Wow! Wasn't it good to see the sun finally? Good memories are being built. At least yours have their swim clothes on! I have pictures like this of my boys, on our front lawn (which now also has a 'pool' with NO clothes on! (can't post those obviously, hehehe)