Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch a Great Success!!!

We had so much fun this year at our pumpkin patch. First of all, we invited the Ponoka Homeschoolers for an afternoon. That was great fun. Then we had our patch open to the public yesterday. It was great how many people actually came and some from quite far away.
Here is our little Jacob on the wagon ride with the homeschoolers. You can see one of our pumpkins at the front. It was a very windy day, but at least there wasn't any snow like past years.

This is the sign Becky and Jacob helped me paint. All the parents enjoyed taking pictures of their kids in front of it and I hope they all come back next year to see how much their kids have grown.

I set up this little place to take more pictures. For some reason Jacob kicked off his shoes right away. I just love his smile!

Here are some of our jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

These pumpkins are called Jamboree and they grew very well here. Not only are they pretty, they are good for eating. Yay, because I have 3 times as much as in this picture left. We also grew Goosebump pumpkins and Orange Smoothie. I also grew gourds and I'm happy I remembered to put them out in the middle of the day, because I sold almost all of them! I was so happy to have Becky and Larry helping take everyone on the wagon rides. They took them ALL the way around our farm and all the kids loved it. Some went on more than one ride. The newspaper reporter from Ponoka was assigned to come out and do a story on our pumpkin patch. (Not much happens in Ponoka) I will post the story when it comes out. It will probably just be a picture or something. So all in all we had a great success.

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  1. Nice looking pumpkins Crystal. I'm so happy to see that the weather co-operated this year and that everyone had so much fun. You put so much effort into these fun days for the kids and I'm sure all the parents appreciate all you do.