Saturday, December 3, 2011

A DVD Review

I have been telling my friends about this DVD set we purchased from and, now that we've watched most of it, I wanted to give a little review. This was a TV series from Canada in the '70s and they only made this one season.

Over all, this is a very wholesome show. The Robinson's read their bible, pray and quote scripture in a few episodes and work together to survive on their island.

Almost all the episodes could be scary, but it always has a happy ending and if something seemed scary, it is all explained in the end. There are skeletons, a live birth of a goat, and wild animals.

Jacob, who is 5, loves this show. He watches it with a blanket pulled up to his eyes and I can tell he's on the edge of his seat with excitement.

If anyone is interested, you can go to this link, and check it out.

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