Friday, August 24, 2012

Around the Farm Part 1

I wanted to use this opportunity to show all our family, friends and blog friends some of what's been happening on our farm.  When we moved here 6 years ago from British Columbia, I had a dream of having a u-pick apple orchard with pumpkin patch and all sorts of kids activities. Such as games, wagon and horse rides and have a full concession with a store.  We planted the apple trees 5 years ago and more 4 years ago and we have been having a public pumpkin patch for 5 years now.  Well, finally this year we have had some apples on about 6 trees out of about 60 trees. We were pretty excited! In the picture below you will see a variety of apples called, Parkland. They are very yummy.

Our pumpkins are doing incredibly well this year. We hope to have a concession at our Pumpkin Patch this year along with a little store where I can sell homemade jams and jellies and lots of really nice household items. Like shabby chic place mats, cute salt and pepper shakers, etc. I have a huge collection of vintage household utensils and other wares to sell as well.  Some of our pumpkins look to be about 15-20 lbs already. Our white pumpkins, jamboree and jack-b-quik's seem to be taking longer, but our weather forecast is looking favorable and hopefully they will come along.  The next 2 pictures are of one of our pumpkin patches and the third one is of the gourds.


This year was the first year in my life that I was able to grow zucchini! Really, I have tried, but nothing ever grew. This year a lot grew!  In the picture below are some of the zucchinis I got out of the garden, (I traded the big one (8lbs) and a medium one for a ice cream bucket of cucumbers with a friend), and my only red tomato, (although the plants are loaded), my only cucumber and some of the apples the boys picked.

Ben and Jacob had a blast grating up the zucchini in the food processor.

I have lots more to share, but my computer has been so slow in uploading these pictures. So I will have Part 2 of Around the Farm coming up. Stay tuned...


  1. We have so much in common. It's my dream to have a apple orchard and pumpkin patch and small store! However I am a few years behind you, as my trees are only in their second year, and I don't have nearly as many trees as you. How wonderful and fun for you all! What a blessing to see such a bountiful harvest!

    1. It is pretty cool how much we do have in common Shannon. I like that this blogging thing gives us the opportunity to "meet" other people that we normally wouldn't have the chance to meet. Sometimes you can just tell a kindred spirit, even over the internet.
      God bless,