Thursday, August 23, 2012

On The Home Front

I love summer. There are so many different activities to do before winter sets in and we stay mostly indoors.  The last couple of weeks have been no exception.  First, our church hosted VBS. They put on a program by Answers in Genesis called, "The Incrediworld Amazement Park". It taught about God's creation and how he did it in 6 days. It was lots of fun and this was the first year that Rebekah could be a crew helper. I was happy they paired her with me. We had fun leading our crew everyday.

Rebekah, waiting for the VBS day to begin.

Playing games outside.
When we playing games outside, the bees were SO BAD.  A crew leader was stung one day and then that night I had coffee with some homeschool moms and one of them had a great tip. When you get stung, quickly pour some bleach onto a cloth or paper towel and dab it on the bee sting. I had to draw attention to that tip because just the next day, a little boy on our crew was stung. Luckily my friend who was helping with the toddlers reminded me of what our friend had said. We were right next to the cleaning closet and got out the bleach. Now this boy was screaming real bad and when we dabbed the bleach on, he just stopped. It was really amazing. Thank you Chris!

After our fun at VBS, we decided to use up one of our 3 family passes to Science World that the kids won by entering a coloured picture of the weather and sending it into the news station. 

The family pretending to fly a jet in the airport activity area at Science World
Jacob playing with the water activity center
Rebekah looking at something that seems really interesting.
That night, we thought it would be nice to cool off at the brand new water park our town has opened. But when we got there it was already having some technical difficulties. So we just played at the park next to it. Then we went to McDonald's so the kids could redeem the free ice cream cone coupons they won at the County Fair for playing the games they had set up.

Here is part of the water park. This is going to be such a blessing on hot days.
 We have also enjoyed a day at the beach and went bowling for the first time as a family (minus Larry).  I was worried that the summer was just going by and we have been so busy with other things, like the garden and running errands. I just wanted to have some fun with the kids before it starts getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. So this is a good start. We hope to have a bon fire for Jacob's 6th birthday next week so he can eat one of his favorite foods - marshmallows! And we will purpose to really enjoy what few days of summer we have left, all the while happily anticipating, my favorite season, fall.

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  1. Oh, how I love fall!

    I will definitely remember to use bleach for bee stings. Seems they have really been after me this summer!

    The Science museum and water park sound like fun! I need to sneak in a few more fun activities before winter creeps up on us.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I just wanted to share more about the bleach tip. I had told my cousin about it and just the other day her two youngest walked right on top of a bee hive in the ground. They were both stung many times. She remembered to put bleach on the stings and it helped instantly.
      Take care,