Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Experience

Today we had the pleasure of watching our 2 violin students participate in a "Fiddler's Jamboree".  Rebekah and Jacob did an excellent job playing their song.  I didn't know what to expect, not being the the music circles before, but we thought that all the performers did really well.
Here is Jacob, introducing himself and Rebekah finding her spot.

Here is Jacob, staying right close to his teacher

Rebekah is on the left side and Jacob is on the right side of this video.

The song they are playing is called, "The Ladybug Reel".  I can't believe how much children can learn in such a short time. Rebekah and Jacob have only been taking lessons for 2 months. Larry and I are just so proud of them.



  1. That is so great! We are a family who loves music and preforms together quite often. 4 of my children play the violin as well. It is something that they can take with them into adulthood. My oldest daughter plays in church with the worship team almost every Sunday and it gives her great confidence knowing she has this talent. Stick with it, as it will be well worth it!! We are going on 10 years of lessons now, so I may be a little bias toward the violin :)

  2. They did such a good job and like you said, in such a short time. I can see why you and Larry are so proud of them. I am to.