Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Well, we're not exactly desperate, but I can think of better things to spend $40 on right now rather than a haircut. The only thing is, I really, really needed a haircut. So, I finally got brave and let Rebekah cut my hair.  I had an idea months ago about putting tape across my back on my shirt as a guide and getting Rebekah to cut along it. That is what we did.
You can see in the picture below that my hair was getting very long and stringy.

Once Rebekah was done I gave myself a few layers with the haircut I mentioned in this post to soften up the edges a bit.  It turned out pretty good.  I wanted more of a square back and that's what I got. The layered haircut I can give myself has a V shaped back to it.

You can kind of see the "new do" in the picture below.

Thank you Rebekah! And yes, I am making bagels in that picture. But I will post about that later.


  1. Great job Becky. You were supposed to cut my hair but I guess we forgot when we seen each other. Next time K? Looks good Crystal.

  2. Thanks Mom. I actually am liking this haircut more and more everyday. Probably more than any haircut I've had at the hairdresser in years.