Monday, April 8, 2013

A Teenager, Really?

2 weeks ago, (ya, I know I'm a little behind) my oldest turned 13. Wow! It's a little strange being the mom of a teenager, it kind of makes me feel.... middle aged!

Oh well. It's all apart of life and I feel SO incredibly blessed to be the mom of this amazing girl.  I love to see how God is working in her life and molding her into a beautiful woman of God.

So, she had a party. We were expecting her pen pal that lives just over an hour away to come. So I thought of some "Minute to Win It" games to break the ice. BUT, thanks to a 100 car pile up on the highway the day before and not nice driving conditions, she couldn't make it. The girls did humour me though and played the games.  Because we were having an Asian based supper, I decided to play games that involved chop sticks, which the girls were able to take home as part of their party favors.

The first game was, "Chap Stick Stack" or something like that. They had to use only chop sticks to stack 3 chap sticks on top of each other end to end and stay stacked for 30 seconds.

The second game was, "Pop Can Pyramid". The girls had to stack 6 pop cans in a pyramid shape using a chop stick in their mouth.

For prizes for these games, I bought really pretty wooden fans.

For supper I served "Rice Bowls".

Rebekah loves rice and I wanted something interactive for supper. So I made a huge pot of rice served with a lot of toppings. These are the toppings I made;
Teriaki chicken
Julienned, cooked carrots
Steamed broccoli
Steamed bean sprouts
Green onions
Toasted sesame seeds
Soy sauce
Extra teriaki sauce
We served this with Asian Noodle Cole Slaw and Spring Rolls. The girls said they absolutely loved it all. I was really happy.
After supper they had visiting time and then cake. Then it was movie time! Rebekah picked "Summer Magic". A Disney movie from 1963. It was really cute. I served popcorn, sour gummy worms, gummy bears and pop with the movie.
There was lots of fun that night and I was happy to see everyone enjoy themselves.

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  1. Wow, Rebekah is a teenager. How did that happen? What a wonderful idea for her birthday party. I'm sure everyone had fun. It sure looks like it by the photos you posted. Happy birthday Rebekah.