Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Trip To The ER

Our poor little Jacob broke his arm today.  He was "playing" (or maybe fighting) with Ben and somehow slipped on our laminate floor. He landed face down on top of his arm and it just broke.

He has a temporary binding on until Monday to let the swelling come down. Then he will need a cast for 4 weeks.

Here is Jacob at the hospital waiting. They had to cut off his shirt. Isn't it funny what a mom can find in her purse? Like a mechanical Yahtzee game and a balloon!
He started playing right when we got home from the hospital, so I'm sure he will get through this fine.  But what made my heart melt was when he said to Ben, "Ben, I'm sorry for being so angry with you." I love this little guy!


  1. Oh my goodness. Poor little Jacob but what an amazing soul. To find a place in his heart not to be angry with Ben and admit his part in the whole thing. You have percious children Crystal and you can be so proud of all of them.
    And you are right. The things a mother can find in her purse.

  2. Poor little guy! It looks like he will be fine, though. Isn't it great how young children recover from injuries and sickness so quickly? My son broke his jaw a couple of years ago and had to have it wired together for 6 weeks! It was something none of us want to go through again. He broke his collar bone a couple of years before that. Hopefully your Jacob won't continue breaking bones!

    I loved visiting your blog! The birthday party for your now-teenaged daughter looks like it must have been so much fun! I laughed when you said that the girls agreed to play the games you had planned. At that age, it's sometimes hard to tell what they might or might not want to do! They sure do grow up quickly.

    1. Thanks for sharing Wendy! It deffinately sounds like an ordeal you all went through with your son.

      I really thought all the girls would roll their eyes at me about the games. They were ages 13-18! But they were such good sports and I think they even had fun!
      God bless.