Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Home Tour

Hello and welcome to our home. Here are some pic's of our country Christmas.

This is our living room.  I just made the "Peace" sign yesterday. I still have to add a scripture verse about Jesus being the Prince of Peace in small writing at the bottom, distress it a bit and stain it. But I really like it and it's filling a void along that wall.

Closer image of the tree and St. Nick in a wagon I got from a yard sale this summer.

This is our nativity area. It's above our office desk, which is all open from the living room.  I made the star from an antique folding carpenter's ruler.

I bought this little ornament from the thrift store still in the box. I love it! It has the Christmas story passage from the bible written out.

This is in our dining room.  I have a lot of our old fashioned decorations there.

This is the old fashioned Christmas tree in the dining room.

This is the little tree in the kitchen. I decorated it with gingerbread men, candy canes and cinnamon stars.  It is actually just the top of an artificial tree. I have been cutting up the rest of the tree for crafts, but I saved the top for just this reason. I put it in a crock.

Here are some of my gingerbread decorations and a lamp I made using an old flour sifter.

This is all the kitchen decorations.  The shelf is a little bare, because I ran out of decorations.  Our house that we moved here from was smaller, so the decorations don't go as far.

This is always my favorite room of the entire house, the bathroom!

I bought the angel doll last year on clearance and I made the light.

I use most of our snowman decorations in the bathroom.  There is the snowman tree in a crock and many more snowmen here and there.
Well, that completes our tour. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. So beautiful at you cozy home, you did an amazing job the bathroom, looks great with all your special touches....thanks for the tour, enjoyed, Francine.

    1. Thank you Francine. I love all your pictures too.
      Have a merry Christmas!

  2. You do such an awesome job Crystal. Wish I could be there to see it in person. Your kids will have such good memories of your home at Christmas.

    1. Thanks Mom.
      I love that I had your example to follow. You always made Christmas special for us.

  3. So beautiful! Do you leave your trees up most of the winter? I still have mine up!!

  4. So beautiful! Do you leave your trees up most of the winter? I still have mine up!!

    1. I used to leave our trees up until February! But, I think because I decorate at the end of October now, I try to take them down the week after New Year's. Although, this year it is going so slow! I have boxes here, trees there, it's taking me a while to get it done.