Monday, December 9, 2013

Quick, Cute Christmas Projects

I wanted to share some quick, cute Christmas crafts we have made here.

I made these ornaments with the kids a couple of years ago, but every time I pull them out, I love them! They remind me of ornaments I made with my mom as a child. We used tuna cans with both ends cut out then, but this time we used an old zinc screw canning band.  We glued some cotton on the inside bottom. Then we glued in some figurines from the dollar store.  To finish it off, we tied some ribbon around the outside and looped a string, tied in a loop with a stamped tag on it, through the ribbon to create a hanger.

I saw something like these "snow globes" on Pinterest. So, I made my own out of a salt shaker from the thrift store, some salt, a red bead cut off of bead garland and the top 2/3 of a little tree from the dollar store.  I looped some wire through the holes in the lid for a hanger and I finished it off with some homespun and pip berries.
Rebekah made these snowman tags to sell at the craft shows I rented a table at this year.  First I coffee stained some office tags.  Then she stamped "Frosty" on each one and glued buttons to look like a snowman, leaving a little space for the scarf.  Then she rubbed the edges in the ink to made them look old.  She tied thin jute through the hole for a hanger.  They turned out absolutely adorable!
Then there are the rustic cinnamon stars that I posted about here.
 Also, I made these cinnamon gingerbread men ornies that I posted about here. 
I love the creativity that just flows so freely this time of year.  Have fun crafting!
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  1. Wow. You sure are creative Crystal and everything looks so good. Your kids must love working on these creatives with you!