Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

I just wanted to share some pictures of these Ukrainian Eggs Rebekah and I made the other night. Our neighbour invited us to a class to learn how to make them. We jumped at the chance!! I had gotten some tools from my Grandma before she died and promised I would learn how to make these eggs and I have done it!

We chose a traditional Ukrainian design.  It has an 8 pointed star, which symbolizes God's love toward man. Which is so beautifully demonstrated at Easter when we celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection to pay for our sins.

These are the tools I got from my Grandma. (Sorry the picture is so dark)

God Bless you all,



  1. That is so awesome. Your Grandma would be so pleased to see you and Rebekah use her decorating tools. I love how they have the different colors and the black in the background. They look really good and have such a special meaning.

  2. Beautiful eggs. It's so sweet that you have your Grandmother's tools, she would have been so proud that you learned to make them.

  3. Are those tools your grandma used to make the eggs? That is amazing.