Saturday, August 28, 2010

Newest Farm Yard Addition

SO.... I was checking out the freebie ads on Kijiji and came across an ad for free pot belly piglets. I knew from the area, which was very near to us, that they were probably the same piglets that were at the County Fair. Sure enough, they were. They had 3 girls left. That was great because we wanted a girl. When Becky, Ben, Jacob and I got there, it was hard to pick which one to take. Ben wanted the little tiny piglet and I kind of agreed. She was so adorable, but she was all pink and we like to get interesting animals if we can help it. So Becky right away fell in love with this one. She has some grey and pink areas and her nose is black along the top. We brought her home, sitting on Becky's lap the whole way. Now she is in a stall in our barn next to Mommy and baby chick. We called her "Aunt Bea" from Andy Griffith. Which doesn't really suit her now, but when she is a big, old sow, I think it will be perfect.

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  1. Wow, what fun is Aunt Bea going to be for you guys. I hope she doesn't grow too quickly. She is so cute right now.