Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ponoka County Fair

We had the most wonderful time at the Ponoka County Fair last weekend. The fair was all day Saturday and Sunday. This year they added a Cowboy Rodeo. In this rodeo the cowboys had to separate and load cattle, doctor cattle, "brand" cattle and other events too. It was really neat to watch how they worked together. There was one family with a little cowboy that was 9 years old. He did so amazing. They also added stock dog competitions and dog agility races. Of course, they still had face painting, jumpy houses, sumo wrestling, sheep shearing and Rainbow the Clown. Sunday morning we had a community church there as well. It was really special because it was our pastor who spoke and what a message of unity he gave! Then we stuffed ourselves with the pancake breakfast.

This is Ben holding a pig that I was THIS close to buying. They were so cute.

Here is Jacob with his balloon hat. The next day he waited for an hour for another balloon creation. The whole time he just watched Rainbow the Clown so closely. When we got home, he was twisting and squeezing his balloons so that they did different things.

Here is Rebekah holding another sweet little pot bellied pig.
These are some of the items Rebekah entered into the bench show. She won lots of ribbons. It was a long week for Becky and I, because we entered so many things. We had to get them all tagged and they had to be there by 11:00am Friday so that they could judge them. I can tell you we ran straight to the bench show Saturday morning to see if we won! It was so exciting.

Here are the items I entered. I entered 9 things and I won 6 1st place ribbons and 3 3rd place ribbons. I always like it when my baking and canning win 1st because I sell those things at the Farmers Market and it kind of confirms that they are good quality.

Well, another County Fair has passed and we are looking forward to next year's fair.

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