Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homeschooling on a Budget

I have been amazed at how many homeschool resources are available for free on the Internet. There is a company, In The Hands of a Child, who always has a free lapbook/unit study on their website. That is where I got the lapbook on Winter. Right now they have a unit study on the book, "The Island of The Blue Dolphins" available. This is the link -
I have also come across a website that has all free e-books. These are books that are now in the public domain, which means they were published before 1923. More often than not these books have good moral values, while still being a good resource.
Another great resource for encouragement and ideas in homeschooling are homeschooling blogs. I must confess, I have been reading quite a few blogs lately and I am always encouraged. One of these blogs is Abundant Blessings. This is found at - On this blog I found a link to a website that offers all free books in iTunes and MP3 format. Oh my goodness! They have some amazing books! Like, The Swiss Family Robinson, The Anne of Green Gables Books, The Bible in KJV, history books, Moby Dick. Just so many. I downloaded a book called, "Beautiful Girlhood". I listened to most of this book. It is beautifully read and is so glorifying to God in encouraging young girls to live a pure, Godly life. I will put it on Rebekah's MP3 player soon, as she is at the perfect age to hear the words of this book. Oh ya, the website is Again, these are books that in the public domain.
As much as I love reading blogs, I still try to limit the time I spend doing so. It is easy to lose track of time while on the computer.

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