Sunday, July 22, 2012

$105 Worth of Groceries for $5!!!

Hello friends. I just wanted to share of how I got $105 worth of groceries today for only $5.00. I know we all would like to cut our grocery bill down these days with the price of groceries going through the roof. This  is how I did it. I have been buying all my milk at Shoppers Drugmart (I don't know if they are in the States, but they are all over Canada). They sell their milk for $0.20 less per gallon than any grocery store in town.  So I signed up for their rewards program and earn "points" for every dollar I spend. I usually wait until they have 20x the points and stock up on milk and anything else they have on sale that we might need. We can go through 1 1/2 gallons of milk when Larry is home!
So I calculated that I would have had to spend $200 at 20x the points to receive $100 of free groceries! I had enough points to get $200 free, but I only want to buy items that are on sale and that we need.  I could only find $100 worth of things we could use. I got a lot of "convenience food", because summer is so busy and it's nice to have quick, easy meals.

Here is the list of our $5.00 grocery bill;

2 pkg's of bagels
1 case of bottled water (for Larry in his semi truck)
1 bag of tortilla chips
3 pkg's of tortillas
3 bags of Lays potato chips
1 pkg of frozen perogies
2 bags of frozen hash browns (I need to make more homemade hash browns!)
2 bags of frozen french fries
2 boxes of chicken wings
4 frozen pizzas
1 gallon of milk (I just bought 7 gallons the other day)
2 kilograms of peanut butter
misc toiletries (shampoo, etc.)

Not only does Shoppers Drugmart have an excellent rewards program, they quite often mark down their groceries well before the expiry date. Such as last week I bought 9 blocks of 340gram cheddar cheese for $1.50 each! That is only $0.44/100 grams. The cheapest sale price in this area at any store is $1.00/100 grams. The expiry date on the cheese was later in August.

Does anyone else know of any stores that offer great deals or rewards programs. Please share if you do. I think it's great to help one another cut down our expenses.


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  1. That's wonderful! I always love to find good deals like that. We don't have that store in the US. I am always buying food that is on sale because of the expiration date and freezing it. My husband works in food manufacturing and has assured me, the food is still safe, and we will all live :) Thanks for sharing!