Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July in Review

Well, I can't believe July is over. Just like that! We have been busy, as all of you have been, I'm sure.  We started July with our annual visit from Larry's parents.  They come camp out at our place for a week or two in their motor home and we so enjoy it!

Enjoying a game of Rook at Larry's parents "campsite" next to our house

Playing a game of Tiddly-winks with Grandma

Larry and his parents

This first night they arrived, we had scheduled our churches' first summer evening potluck at our place. Larry made a little clearing in the trees and set up tables, so that we could try to be out of the sun. He even plugged in a fridge out there to keep food cold!

Potluck in the trees
Larry's parents had to be going, but we still had fun times ahead. At the Stampede Parade we go to every year, they hand out free tickets to the local raceway. So were able to enjoy an evening there last weekend. As we were sitting there, we could see this HUGE storm coming. We were hoping it would miss us, but it didn't. All of a sudden, the sky opened up and water poured out. I got drenched within 10 seconds of trying to get to cover. We all squished in a breezeway until the storm had passed. After one and a half hours they were able to start the races. And it was fun. Friends of ours were also there, so it made the evening extra special.

The approaching storm
Some of the different types of cars that raced that night

Around the farm, we haven't been enjoying too much from the garden just yet. Soon I hope.  We have had a broody hen in one of our barns that I placed 8 eggs under.  They were due to hatch Monday, July 30th. I went out in the morning and was so disappointed to see a hatched chick that had fallen out of the nest and was dead.  I came back in the house and waited for Jacob to come in from mowing so that he could remove the body for me. About half an hour later he came in. So we headed out to the barn. We all agreed it was dead, all but Jacob. He said he thought it was still alive. So he touched it and it moved it's wing! Pour thing. I just left it out in the cold for an extra half an hour. I felt really bad. So I put it up with the mother hen. She started to peck at it. I thought she was trying to get it under her, but she started to really peck it. Like she was trying to eat it. I thought maybe because it was near death, she has an animal instinct to put it out of it's misery. We didn't want to let "her" die without a fight. So we brought her in the house and put a lamp over her.  You can see what she looked like in the photo below.

I kept peeking in at "her" for a few hours, then I thought I should do some weeding to get my mind off the pour little thing.  A little while after I got outside, Ben came running down to the pumpkin patch, yelling that the chick was standing I came running back to find the chick looking much better. And a few more hours later, she was standing and walking around and lonely. So we took her out and she just loved it.
Jacob enjoying the chick and the chick enjoying Jacob

Rebekah and chick

Now when I put my hand down in the box, she comes running to it knowing that she will be out playing with us soon enough.

Along with life, we have had loss on our farm this month. We lost our dog, which we have had for 3 years and our only cat, which we have had for 6 years in separate incidences.
Now we have no mousers or protection from coyotes.  We are looking for new pets, but it is hard to find a dog that it good around chickens and children, yet can chase of a coyote and doesn't poop in our yard like our other dog.

Well, it's off to the pumpkin patch with me to get some more weeding done.
Have a blessed day.

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