Thursday, July 4, 2013

June Activities Continued

This post brings us up to the end of June.  This is when we get to enjoy our local stampede and all it's extra activities.  And an added bonus, Larry's family came for a visit.

Getting ready for the parade with Larry's parents

Rebekah and I sat on the sunny side of the street

The beginning of the parade

Enjoying free BBQ at a local butcher shop

At the rodeo

At the chuck wagons. We were at the very top of the stands in row 48, but they were great seats! Thanks again to Larry's brother in law and sister.

Rebekah, sporting her new cowgirl hat that she bought at the Stampede.

Jacob giving a tour to his Uncle.  He had given one to his Aunt first, then he said to Uncle, "I guess it can be your turn now".

Everyone enjoying our big deck and each other's company.  That is Larry's sister and brother-in-law with us.

Larry, giving everyone a tour on the wagon.

So, you can see that we have been busy, but it has been such a blessing to enjoy each other and all God has brought our way.


  1. So much fun for your family Crystal and awesome memories of loving Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. I bet your July will prove to be just as busy and full of all kind of adventures.