Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No Till Pumpkin Patch Update

Well, here we are in about week 8 of our pumpkin patch and I must say I'm a little worried of how this will all turn out.  I realized not that long ago that I won't be able to use round up.  I thought that the grass would grow back next year, like it does every year after it dies. BUT, I have heard that it probably won't grow back, but weeds will.  SO, I have decided NOT to use round up at all.  My only line of defence against weeds and grass overtaking the pumpkin plants, is mowing.  Which I would gladly do, if we didn't just break the belt on our tractor for the 3rd time in just over a month!  It's $70 every time to replace it.  I'm hoping to find a push mower at the town wide garage sale this Saturday so that I can mow a few more times as the plants grow and spread.

All I can see in my mind now is pumpkins growing in an over-grown field. It might just be a great big mess by the time it's done.

On a happier note, it all looks good right now.  And here are some pictures.  The first 2 are from a week and a half ago and the last 3 are from today.  The taller plants are the sunflowers I planted in the middle.

In regards to mowing, I have learned a lesson about the "hills".  If I were to do this again, instead of hilling up the dirt, the way they say to do for planting pumpkin seeds, I would pat the dirt flat in the hole we dug.  I would make sure the dirt was about 2 inches below the grass. That way, it would be very easy to mow right up to the young plants, without disrupting any of the hill.  Also, it would retain water in there.
I will keep you updated on how this patch is doing.


  1. It looks lovely so far, and I love the idea of sunflowers growing in the middle of the patch. I am anxious to see how this works out! I love that you are sharing an experiment regardless if it turns out good or bad. Thanks!

  2. Looks really good Crystal. You can tell how much rain you have had by how green everything looks. I'm sure they will all do really well.