Friday, August 9, 2013

County Fair Results

This has been a hectic week! We had decided not to enter anything in our fair this year because they have raised the prices so much that we aren't going to the fair. BUT, the bench show is at a different building and we just decided a week ago to enter our work.  Rebekah entered 26 items, Jacob - 9, Ben - 4 and I entered 27.

So, we have just returned from seeing how we did and our family really did well!

Here are some highlights.

Rebekah received High Point in the Junior Division 2 and Runner Up High Point for the Ag Division.

In the following pictures, everything you see is basically all Rebekah's work and all 1st places.

Everything along the back is  Rebekah's (From the left: Christmas card, button bouquet, clay crab, painted rock, painted ceramics, ruffled scarf, perler bead balloon, bottle necklace and cross stitch picture))

Rebekah's Jam, muffins, cookies, bread and fruit

Rebekah also entered items into the adult divisions. She won 2nd against me for the Fleischmann's Yeast competition. Benjamin won first for his Robin Hood Brownies and I won 1st Robin Hood Ginger cookies and 2nd for my Certo strawberry jam.

Here are just a few more highlights.

I made runner up in the Culinary Arts Division

My Peas at the top won 1st. (It's about the only thing I grew this year)

Ben won 2nd for coloring a picture from VBS and Jacob won 1st

Jacob won 1st for his clay animals and stocking he sewed

The boys made this catapults at VBS and Jacob won 1st and Ben won 2nd
So, there is the short version! Ha Ha. Now, we are going to watch the old Disney "Swiss Family Robinson" movie and eat popcorn.


  1. Congratulations!! We are finishing up our week of the fair right now! It looks and sounds like things are a lot different there, when it comes to entries and fees. We are noticing a big difference even between Illinois and Wisconsin county fairs. I will probably post about it after I get some rest. AND, our family just watched the old version of Swiss Family Robinson a few weeks ago after Max read the book and the boys are hooked! :)

    1. Thanks Shannon.
      I look forward to seeing how your fair goes!