Friday, February 17, 2012

Daniel Boone Unit Study Part 3

This week for our Daniel Boone Unit Study, we learned about Quakers, how to play marbles and used our hornbooks.
In the picture below, the kids are colouring a picture of a Quaker couple while I read to them a short history about the Quakers. Boone's parents were Quakers.
We are still learning about what children did for fun back then. So, I taught them how to play marbles.

After their game, Rebekah taught Jacob some words using his hornbook. It's actually a very good resource for learning to read.

During my "project" time today, I sewed a fringe on a shirt I had bought for Ben to dress up like Boone. All I did was buy a shirt that was too big, then I cut a 3" strip off all the way around the bottom. Then I cut the fringe into the cut side of that strip. Next I sewed in on where we wanted it along the seem side so that the fringe was hanging down. It turned out pretty good.


  1. I like the shirt. :) And my kids love to play marbles.

    1. Thanks Margarete. All my kids are fighting over the shirt, so I guess I'll have to look for another one.:-)