Friday, February 10, 2012

Daniel Boone Unit Study Part 2

OK, so we have just finished the second week of our Daniel Boone Unit Study and it is going very well. This week we learned about animal tracking, some vocabulary and covered wagons. Here are the details.

The first activity kind of presented itself to Rebekah ans me at the beginning of the week. We were out for a walk, when we saw some different animal tracks than we were used to seeing around our place. So, we got our camera and took some pictures of the tracks. Then we looked up animal tracks on the Internet and found that rabbit tracks are the closest to what we found. So we believe we have a rabbit living under our granary. This can be part of our unit study because Boone was a very good hunter and animal tracker. We had been trying to pretend to track animals in the snow a couple of weeks ago to pretend to be Boone, but this was even better. It was fun trying to figure out just what kind of animal has been on our property.

The second activity we had this week was learning some 1800's vocabulary. We looked at the poem we had printed off at and I took some words that I knew my kids would not know the meaning of. Then I looked then up in a dictionary from 1828 at to find the definitions. I printed out the definitions for Ben and Jacob to cut and paste, but Rebekah had to write hers out. We used Daniel Boone note paper also form for this assignment. I picked the words; vales, kin, kith, unhewn and rove.

Our last activity for the week was to make covered wagons. I found this idea at This was a lot of fun. Making the wheels was kind of finicky, but that's OK. Instead of gluing the wheels on, we used paper fasteners (?) so that they will turn.

Rebekah had hers hitched up to horses with passengers in no time.

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