Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick Meal Recipes

I just wanted to share some of the quick meals I've prepared recently. I know that I get stumped for ideas for meals on a regular basis and thought maybe these recipes might come in handy for someone.

This first one is so great, because it uses ingredients I always have on hand and it also uses the crock pot. Another great thing is I used frozen meat. Around 1pm I wondered what I would make for dinner one day. I went to my freezer, pulled out a bag of drumsticks and had supper ready in 5 hrs.



Cut up chicken (I used drumsticks)

1 can Tomato soup

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/3 cup honey (or you can use apricot jam or brown sugar)

2 crushed garlic

salt and pepper

From frozen, thaw chicken on defrost in microwave until you can just break the pieces apart. Put into crock pot. Mix other ingredients in a bowl, then pour over meat. Set on high for 4 hrs. You can baste the meat with the sauce as it cooks. Now my trick was, while the potatoes were cooking, I took out the crock pot insert and put it in the oven uncovered at 325 degrees. Once all the veggies were ready, the chicken was ready too.

This next recipe I got from 2 places on the Internet. A few weeks ago I was watching 18 Kids and Counting on DVD. In this one episode, they were making pizza for lunch and boy did it look good! So I went on their website to see if they had their pizza dough recipe and they had a link to a really great recipe. This is the link;

(This blog is done by a homeschooled teenager, really cool.)

I have tried many homemade pizza dough recipes and this is by far the best!

Then I got got another idea from Crystal at Homemaking on the Homestead. When she makes pizza crusts, she makes extra for the freezer and that is what makes this a quick supper. I had already made pizza crusts and froze them according to Crystal's directions at this link;

I made a freezer pack of the leftover cheese, toppings and sauce the last time I made pizza, so the other night we had pizza in about 20 minutes. Here is my freezer pack below.

And here is the yummy final product. A deluxe pizza. (Actually we had 2)

And if you are wanting a fast dessert and maybe watching your caloric intake, try this spongecake. It is ready in about 35 minutes and you can do so much with it. We have had it with strawberries and whipped cream (I make it in a bunt pan for that) or this time, we actually put chocolate icing on it. But, to tell you the truth, it was SO much better after it had been completely cooled in the fridge and eaten cold. This recipe is great because there is no butter or oil, only eggs.

I have even calculated out the dietary info;

1/8 of the cake

182 calories

3.2 gr fat

I didn't calculate the fibre, but it probably isn't that much.

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