Friday, February 24, 2012

Daniel Boone Unit Study Week 4

This week was really interesting for us because we were studying the French and Indian War, which is part of Canadian history. Rebekah has just finished working through "Courage & Conquest, Discovering Canadian History" by Donna Ward and we were able to use one of the lessons from there to help with this part of our study.
First, I read a portion from a new book I got from CBD called, "Who Was Daniel Boone?" by Sydelle Kramer. It is written for kids and it's a great resource and reasonably priced at around $4. Then I gave the kids a printout of maps of North America before the war and after the war so that they could see how the land changed ownership.
Next I read about the Battle at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec from "Courage & Conquest".
I had written up a worksheet with questions and the answers to match. So that Ben and Jacob could do it. I also printed some worksheets off the Internet for Rebekah to have some further studies. Benjamin completed one of them too. It was a fill in the blank worksheet and it was packed with information.
We also updated our timeline to 1762 when Jemima was born and talked about Daniel and Rebecca getting married.
So next week we are off to Kentucky! (In our unit study of course)

Below is Ben dressed up in his Boone attire with the new real coonskin cap we bought on Ebay.

Below in this picture is Jacob dressed up like Boone and Rebekah is dressed up like his wife, Rebecca.

Below is Rebekah cutting out Colonial paper dolls.

Resource list:

Fill in the blank worksheet on the French & Indian War -

Maps of North America before and after the war -

Paper Dolls -

Just a note; I have been using Lesson Pathways a lot for this unti study. They have so much great info about this subject.

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