Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Blessed Birthday

I just had a wonderful, blessed birthday with my children. (Larry is out of town.) They started early in the morning, before I even got out of bed by making coffee and Rebekah made me this cute birthday banner. She made it to say, "Happy 23rd Birthday" because I've been joking that it is my 23rd birthday, but it's really my 23rd plus both of the ages that my sons will be this year (6&9). You can do the math. The boys wanted a game of marbles. They really seem to enjoy this game, which is awesome because you don't have to plug it in, it's just good fun. (Notice Jacob's coon skin cap that we got in the mail today. It's made out of a real raccoon!)

Rebekah was such a sweetheart. She wanted to make most of the supper, which was Thai Chicken Pizza.

She also wanted to make my favorite sponge cake with chocolate icing. It was delicious! (I guess the cake kind of gives away my age)

Here are the presents and cards from the kids. Ben got me the earrings (he bought them after I told him I liked them in a store a month ago), a card and the earphones. Rebekah made me a beautiful card and Jacob, after much deliberation with himself, decided to share his Lindt chocolate with me as they are my favorite.

I am so grateful for my children!

"Children are a heritage of the Lord..." Psalms 127:3


  1. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. You are so very blessed with such loving and thoughtful children. It looks like they made your day just perfect.