Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April in a Nutshell - Thifty Finds, Sandbox, Decks

Here is a quick post with what has been happening around here the last few weeks.

Larry bought a grain truck at an auction and we drove out to get it. I was SO happy because I have been dying to go on a road trip and it was a bit of a journey to get there and back.

Larry and the boys were able to build a sandbox. When we bought this house, piles of sand and gravel were left on here, so they were able to use the sand. 

Jacob got his permanent cast on. It was so easy and fast. He also was able to pick which colour he wanted it to be.  Just 2 more weeks and hopefully it can come off.

The weather got a lot warmer and the snow melted in just a couple of days. It's always like someone just flicks a switch around here in between seasons.  Then I noticed that the 3 rhubarb plants I transplanted from our old place were sprouting! Yeah!

It also finally got nice enough out to start drying our clothes outside. I am very happy about this because our electric bill is a lot more for this house and we need to start cutting our use down.

This is the time of year to deworm your animals too. So, Rebekah dewormed the donkeys yesterday.

Larry also decided to add on to our little deck. He wanted it big enough for us all to sit out there. Our plan is to make it way bigger and build it out to the kitchen, then add a patio door in the kitchen out onto the deck. I can't wait! But this is nice for now.

He just put down OSB for now until we can afford decking wood. He is also putting a railing around it.

Here is a picture of the spools Larry is hauling right now. He says these ones are small compared to others he hauls and they are usually spooled with metal pipe.

Strawberries were on sale last week, so Rebekah and I made jam. 4 batches in total. That should be enough to last a year. We made sure to put the best jars aside to enter in our county fair in August. We have to start thinking now about all that we would like to enter. Rebekah is busy working on a cross stitch picture as well right now.

Here are a few of my favorite thrifty finds last week.  I love the vintage metal "Soup of the Day" sign. You can insert the name of a soup in it.  I also love the little duck covered dish I got form the thrift store for $1.

I use it to hold my homemade butter.  It holds the perfect amount so that I can leave it in the cupboard and we can use it all before it goes bad. That way it's always soft. So cute hey?

I was going to have pictures of the boys playing soccer because it was supposed to start yesterday, but the weather has taken a turn for the worse. It was so windy and snowing yesterday and today is so cold and windy.  So they will start tomorrow and we will be in town 4 nights each week until the end of June for soccer. But it's good for the boys to get extra exercise.

Anyway, that is what has been happening around here lately.
God bless.


  1. April just flew by! I can't believe it's May tomorrow, but can't wait for summer! I LOVE your thrifty finds, especially the butter dish. So adorable!!

  2. I love ur blog!!! Thamks so much for the excellent tutorials! I wrote twice already, 2 semi long comments, and they both deleted when I went to post them, so im going to just say thanks for now! Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thanks Marsha. That's silly about your comments not posting, but I'm glad you enjoy my blog.
      God bless.